Over the past week, the UK has been hit by an automotive fuel shortage that’s leaving some filling stations with no option but to turn customers away. While that’s leading to gridlock and traffic jams at filling stations as drivers panic buy fuel, it’s also having another, more unexpected outcome. its driving interest in electric cars and public transport.

According to figures compiled by UK newspapers, the Evening Standard, web searches for electric cars in the UK have soared over 1,500% in the past week. As fuel shortages worsen and filling stations close, more and more brits turn to the internet seemed to learn more about cars that don’t rely on combustible fuel.

Clearly, the pains of having to visit a filling station are starting to weigh on combustion engine car drivers, and the motion of simply plugging it in at home, of course, some have concerns about whether the energy grid will be able to service a future where everyone drives electric cars.

In the short term, the fuel crisis is also encouraging drivers to leave their cars at home and take public transport in an attempt to preserve their fuel for when they really need it, metro reports.

The Petrol and Diesel shortage has shown how people are willing to investigate and use other forms of transport when required. Making a future built on muilti-model transport models seem like a likely reality.