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Asmat & Co was established in 2007 in Slough, Berkshire by Mr Asmat Shaikh.

The history of our firm goes back to 1972 when Asmat Shaikh, aged just 26 qualified as CIMA accountant through Unilever finance training scheme and was awarded Associate Membership (ACMA) in 1974. After gaining vast wealth of knowledge and experience of accountancy with various multinational corporations, Asmat Accountants was founded in 2007. Since 2007 and up to now the practice has witnessed phenomenal growth both in numbers and the variety of businesses being handled. We list our achievements due to our commitment to customers, integrity and loyalty in providing our services. Asmat Accountants not only provide statuary accountancy service but has successfully defended many clients in Tax, VAT and other HMRC investigations.

We train our staff to professional standards and most of our internees now serve as Team Leaders and have also achieved their professional qualifications (ACCA; AAT; IFA) through our firm. We are also approved ACCA Employers.

We focus on strengthening our client relationships and offering more comprehensive support for business owners by reinforcing our position as true business advisors – not just accountants.


  1. We Believe In Truly Earning Our Fee
  2. We Believe in Being Accessible
  3. We Believe in Delivering Value
  4. We Believe in being Proactive in Problem Solving
  5. We Believe in Professional Experience That Remains Current


  1. Must be approachable
  2. Have a positive attitude
  3. Work hard
  4. Be target orientated
  5. Be committed to personal development and growth
  6. Be accurate and meticulous
  7. Be attentive
  8. Be accommodating and empathetic


We have transformed from a small Slough based Accountancy firm back in 2007 to a reasonably good client base within the South East region over the years.

We are a practice which caters clients in sectors ranging from, small manufacturing, technology companies, tourism, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, food and beverage, transportation businesses, care homes, dental practices, pharmacies, recruitment agencies, recycling companies, event management, theatre houses, farmers and so on.

Our other main specialisations are in providing professional services to flexible workforce such as Contractors, Freelancers and other self-employed people.


– We have a team of qualified chartered and management accountants with experience of over 20 plus years.
– We have worked with more than 1700 customers over 10 years
– Retention of our customers is at our forefront based on delivery of service over the years.
– A challenging and responsive team is what makes Asmat & Co a rapidly growing firm.



At Asmat & Co we strongly believe our core values have helped develop our business into a truly unique and outstanding firm. A firm which delivers all its services to each individual client at high standards.

Satisfying clients by delivering on TIME, is what makes Asmat & Co a boutique firm by meeting its own set standards.


With the use of the latest technology on hand, we still maintain an old fashioned touch in some aspects of our business where each Account Manager regularly liaise with his or her clients.

At Asmat & Co, we help our clients succeed and aim to deliver an excellent experience. Our business acumen helps us to understand our client’s core business activity and gives our client the confidence to have chosen the RIGHT accountancy firm.


A proactive team who is willing to always give support by demonstrating commitment towards the needs of our client. We take OWNERSHIP of our clients’ and deliver by acting swiftly.

We value people whom we provide a service to and help them wherever we can. Asmat & Co takes pride in RETENTION of its clients due to the strong Principles embedded into the foundations of our firm.

At Asmat & Co our team is always positive and robust to find solutions. Our clients have the confidence that we will always work within the law and measure up to our client’s expectations by FINDING the right solution.

We have a history of retaining our customers, simply hoping that we go an extra mile to overcome any hurdle our customer’s faces and see how best we can be of assistance.

We keep our finger on the pulse, staying close to our customers and up to speed with what’s happening in the changing global markets and world trends. We utilise our networks and connections to support our customer’s ever-changing global climate.


A team who has a variety of experience over the years working for reputed firms as well as getting in house experience on individual sectors of clientele we cover within our General practice.

Also we are one of the leading CONTRACTOR Accountants who specialise in this sector with an ever-growing scale of new contractors being signed up by the minute. We pride in the service that we provide within this sector as our client base is built upon word of mouth hence our research and knowledge is vital for our clients as they rely on us.


Our positive attitude and passionately driven team make us a reliable partner for our clients. Adaptable, aggressive and NON-complacent is embedded within our core principles. We embrace change, continuously seeking new and better ways to work efficiently and productively in order to remain market leaders. We like to make things clear and simple for our clients and each other.


We make sure we understand our customer’s specific needs. We are always at the forefront of creativity and encourage innovation. We always hope to get things done quickly based on our professional team.

We are always easy to reach and easy to deal with and avoid complexity. We love simplicity and communicate in clear language. Technical terminology and jargon is what we avoid.

Asmat Accountants

Asmat & Co are one of Berkshires’ leading independent firms of Accountants servicing a growing and satisfied clientele. At Asmat & Co expert advice is available from senior qualified Chartered Management Accountants (ACMA) and Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), at very attractive packages tailored to suit varied individual and business requirements. The professional team at Asmat & Co. possesses extensive experience in providing accounting, tax, finance transformation and business advisory services to a diverse customer base.


  • 84 High Street, Slough, Berkshire SL1 1EL, United Kingdom
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  • 01753 424968 / 02035 988 621
  • 01753 437109
  • info@asmataccountants.co.uk

Reading Office

  • 365-367 Oxford Road, Reading, RG30 1HA
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  • 0118 950 9841
  • reading@asmataccountants.co.uk

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