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Student Recruitment & Group Company Structure Accounts & Tax Specialist

We at Asmat & Co have been working with Group structure companies over the years and have adapted to ever growing Global changes in line with the Accounting policies and Taxation Laws. We co- ordinate with our Accounting Partners in that particular country and manage setting up the complete company structure complying with the local Tax Authorities Law and ensure company benefits for Tax Efficiencies..

UK, USA, Canada, France, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Poland and other European countries are some of the major destinations for International students coming for higher education from Middle Eastern countries and Indo Subcontinent.

Long established businesses for Student recruitment have branch offices in different countries where they have built a good client base assisting students to apply in different courses and hence have built a good volume turnover growth based on the number of students placements carried out over the period.

Now with over the years we have managed to assist and manage some of the well-established clients within the Student recruitment business with the Head office based in UK and North America and subsidiaries established in UAE and Singapore.

The whole company structure currently has been designed for the specific Student Recruitment businesses whom we have assisted in setting up Company structure and with our years’ of experience we have built Goodwill within this market.

Today, we work with a good number of clients in the sector nationally within UK.

We provide our clients with financial, accountancy, taxation and business advisory services tailored to meet their specific needs. We offer a considered and tailored approach advising clients based on the circumstances and its revenue streams as within the UK tax planning, compliance and strategies in particular.

Regular tax matters can be complicated enough, but when tax affairs cross international borders, specialist advice is crucial for compliance and to maximise tax efficiency we have partnered with the Specialist Accountancy firms in that xyz (each) particular country.

Our services include:

  • Residency rules and advice
  • Overseas tax and company filing and maintenance costs.
  • Audited Accounts for Local Authorities & University partners.
  • UK tax planning and strategies
  • Company formation and secretarial duties
  • Bookkeeping
  • Annual accounts
  • Advice on tax allowable expenditure
  • Self-assessment return completion and filing
  • Company tax return completion and filing
  • Notification and compliance of HMRC deadlines
  • Notification and compliance of Companies House deadlines
  • Accredited payroll service

Where is the best place to register your company?

We often get the question, “where should I register my company?” or what is the “best offshore jurisdiction?”

Our answer is simple: every client, every situation is unique, there is therefore no straight answer to that question.

A lot of factors have to be taken in consideration, namely:

  • Your company activity
  • Your place of residence
  • Your nationality
  • Where your clients and providers are located
  • Your affinity with certain regions of the globe
  • Audited accounts if required for better company client Profile projection
  • The kind of banking facilities that you need will be assisted
  • For all Tax matters assistance provided

What is the world’s best offshore jurisdiction?

All these factors have an influence on which jurisdiction you should opt for. If you need guidance, the Asmat & Co team will gladly help you reviewing the options and deciding which jurisdiction would fit you best.

For clients who would like a rapid incorporation process, a bank account, keep the fees to the minimum and are often a favourite pick is UAE or Singapore.

In other instances, some of our clients may need to provide services in the Middle East, in such case a RAK (Ras Al Khaimah) offshore company may be best suited, as it is internationally well recognized.

In summary, every client has a different situation, and every jurisdiction that we offer could fit in one or the other of these situations

Also, an important factor in choosing a jurisdiction is to be sure that your company will be incorporated in a country that has a:

  1. reliable means of communication;
  2. political and economic stability;
  3. good reputation;
  4. sophisticated corporate laws;

All the jurisdictions we work with enjoy the above-mentioned advantages.

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