We are a dedicated and professionally qualified team of accountants with vast experience within the practice.

The Asmat & Co team members are qualified accountants with memberships from ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants), ACMA (Associate Chartered Management Accountant) and member belonging to IFA and AAT Institutes. Our members will be able to assist you with matters relating to any trade or profession.

We work very hard to provide a perfect service to our clients. Along with aiding in all matters relating to the company accounts and taxation we will provide you with:

  • A fixed fee agreed in advance
  • Response to emails and calls within 1 working day
  • A named accountant to look after you
  • Briefings to keep you up to date

We will issue you with an Engagement Letter detailing our Terms of Conditions along with the services and Annual Fees agreed.

For us to meet deadlines and to keep your records up to date and in accordance with the requirements of HMRC, we at Asmat & Co take responsibility to inform our clients for all the required paperwork. Deadlines for Companies House, Corporation Tax, PAYE, VAT or Director’s Self-Assessment will all be communicated to our clients in time. Our systems in places allow ample time for our clients to make payments allowing them to concentrate on their business as all accounts preparation and submissions will be the responsibility of Asmat & Co.

Yes, Asmat & Co provide personal tax calculations and filing services at a reasonable price based on the quantity of work and sector the client works in. We also register clients and act as agents for them, allowing us to communicate with HMRC on their behalf.

All form of Directors Income from investments, savings or any other form of business income should be entered on the tax return. Contractors are required to declare their PAYE figures and dividends. The deadline to file all Self-Assessment returns are the 31st of January (each calendar year). Payments towards your Self-Assessment will be made in two instalments i.e. end of January and end of July.

Consider the timing of your dividend declarations. You may save tax by delaying drawing down profits until a future tax year, if you have already reached the tax-free threshold in the current year.

You will only have to pay tax on dividends if its goes above your dividends allowance within the year. The dividend allowance for 2017-2018 is £5000 (tax free), anything above this will be taxed on either the basic rate (7.5%), higher rate (32.5%) or Additional Rate (38.1%). The dividend allowance for 2018-19 has been reduced to £2000

Income tax is tax payable on the individual’s income. It will be charged at different rates depending on the type of income.

Yes, the payroll software that Asmat & Co manage is compliant with RTI’s submissions as well as national insurance and tax contributions. We provide payroll services for two company directors within the agreed price, however with 5 or more employees we have set packages which can be discussed with your accountants at Asmat & Co.

Consider employing your spouse in the company or bringing them in as a director or shareholder. This can be helpful if you pay a higher rate of tax than your spouse.

VAT registrations are mandatory for companies who have made taxable sales in the last 12 months that are above the threshold. The current threshold for 2018/19 being £85,000. The autumn budget 2017 mentioned that the VAT threshold will be frozen for 2019/20. If you expect that you are likely to exceed the threshold soon (within the next 30days), you should register for VAT services to remain with HMRC’s rules.

You may voluntarily register your company for VAT even though your sales are unlikely to reach the threshold.

Consider joining the Flat Rate VAT Scheme. You may pay less tax overall depending on the amount of VAT you charge, and claim;.

Yes, Asmat & Co can do this on your behalf.

Yes, depending on the size of the company and the chosen VAT scheme we file monthly, quarterly or annually.

Get your remuneration right. Utilise your tax-free allowance and dividends to save at least £2,500 which can be off-set against your corporation tax bill. Even if you don’t have enough money in the bank to physically withdraw a salary. Declare it anyway and leave it as a debt owed to the Director so that you can withdraw it tax free when you have sufficient cash flow.

Make the most out of the expenses you can put through your company. As long as you only claim for genuinely incurred business expenses, there are savings to be made. For example, put the business mobile phone in the company name and all costs of the phone are deductible against the corporation tax bill.

In the cases, it is best to run your own vehicle personally and claim mileage using HMRC authorised mileage rates. This will also avoid large taxation charges on the use of company cars, in most cases.

You can charge your company for the use of your home as an office. You can either claim a straight £4 per week or a proportion of bills based on your usage of the home for business. This can be against your corporation tax bill.

The process to switch to Asmat & Co is easy and straight forward.

Once you decide to switch to us, we will manage the transition ensuring a seamless procedure. We will take care of sending over a professional clearance to your current accountants, confirming the move and arranging the transfer of records, obtaining copies of accounts and all tax computations and notifying HMRC that we will be taking over your tax affairs.

Upon signing with us after the professional clearance from your current accountant has been finalised you will be able to be up and running immediately. We will issue you with an Engagement Letter detailing our Terms of Conditions along with the services and Annual Fees agreed. We will also require the necessary documentation to be provided.

Asmat Accountants

Asmat & Co are one of Berkshires’ leading independent firms of Accountants servicing a growing and satisfied clientele. At Asmat & Co expert advice is available from senior qualified Chartered Management Accountants (ACMA) and Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), at very attractive packages tailored to suit varied individual and business requirements. The professional team at Asmat & Co. possesses extensive experience in providing accounting, tax, finance transformation and business advisory services to a diverse customer base.


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