Representative of an Overseas Business visa

Representative of an Overseas Business visa

If you are Citizen of a Country outside European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland and you are either:

  • Posted on a long-term assignment to the UK as an employee of an overseas newspaper, news agency or broadcasting organisation.
  • Sole Representative of an overseas company planning to set up a wholly owned subsidiary for an overseas parent company or an oversea company planning to set up a branch in the UK.

How Asmat & Co – Specialise in Representative Visa Accounts:

At Asmat & Co we are highly experienced Accountants and consultants when it comes to setting up Business in the UK from overseas in a highly cost effective and efficient way.

If you decide to start or setup a business in the UK we can assist you with.

  • New company incorporation. Parent company shareholdings and subsidiary setup structure consultancy provided.
  • Opening a Company Bank Account.
  • All the registration with HMRC.
  • Payroll
  • VAT
  • Preparing Company Accounts and filing with HMRC and Companies House.
  • Helping you understand all the regulatory and tax systems.
  • Help to secure Business Loans and financing needs.
  • Business Plans.
  • Any Business Visa Requirement.

Asmat & Co work closely with leading UK immigration solicitors firms, who over two decades of immigration experience with 25 barrister Partnerships.


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  • You are applying from outside the EEA.
  • Meet the English language requirement.
  • Enough money to support yourself without any help from public funds.

Fee and how long it will take:

  • Currently Fee for this Visa for sole representative and employee of an overseas newspaper, news agency or broadcasting organisation is £610 plus health surcharge. To check how much you have to pay for health surcharge please for below link.
  • Should apply for Visa at least 3 months before you travel, normally you get the decision in 3 weeks.

Duration of Stay and What you can and cannot do

First visa will be for initial period of 3 Years, which can further be extended for 2 Years. After 5 Years you can apply permanent settlement in the UK.

You Can:

  • Work for the company you are representing full time. Bring your (dependants/family) to the UK

You Cannot:

  • Be employed by any other business or work for yourself.
  • Stay, if your sole representative arrangements ended.
  • Switch visa to any other category.
  • Get public funds

Sole Representatives Condition

  • Sole representatives must be recruited and employed by the oversee company who is establish headquarters and principal place of business outside the EEA and Switzerland
  • Sole representatives must have extensive related industry experience and knowledge.
  • Sole representatives must hold a senior position within the company and have full authority to make decisions on its behalf.
  • Doesn’t have to be a major shareholder.
  • Intend to establish the company’s first commercial presence in the UK, for example a registered branch or a wholly owned subsidiary.

If the company has a legal entity in the UK that does not employ staff or transact business you may still be eligible.

You can replace a previous sole representative. If your company has been working to establish a UK branch or subsidiary, but it is not yet set up,

Employees of Newspaper, news agency or broadcast

As an employee you can come to the UK if you’re being posted here on a long-term assignment by overseas newspaper, news agency or broadcasting organisation.

Documents you must provide

When you apply you need to provide the following documents.

Documents for all applicants:

  • Current Passport
  • English language requirement proof.
  • Tuberculosis test results, If you from company where you have to take the test.
  • Details of you where you will be staying in the UK.
  • Payslips of last 6 months and bank statements to proof that you can support yourself and your dependants.
  • Full details of the parent company’s activities, assets and accounts.

Documents for Sole Representatives:

  • A letter from overseas company confirming that it will establish a wholly-owned subsidiary or register a branch in the UK in the same business activity as the parent company.
  • Your job description, employment contract and salary details.
  • Oversea company confirming in a letter that you’re familiar with the company and it operations have the power to take operational decisions.
  • Evidence that are directly employed by the parent company and are not acting as a sales agent.
  • Letter confirming that you have the authority to establish and operate a registered branch.
  • Will be working full time for the company for the duration of your stay and will not carry out any other work.
  • You are not majority shareholder in the company.

Documents for the employee of Newspaper, News agency or broadcast employees:

  • Letter confirming that you will be representing them in the UK for long term full-time role.


We have clients from all over the world mainly from Middle East, Pakistan, India, Malaysia and China. After HSMP and Entrepreneur Visa experience over the years with 100% success rate, we are now gaining a lot of New customers in this sector. Asmat & Co is assisting Representative Overseas Business Visa  clients from start to finish process in procuring the Visa and guiding them in establishing there offices in UK.

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