HMRC Tax Investigation

HMRC Tax Investigation Accountants

Any business at any given time may end up subject to an Investigation by HMRC, and having the relevant accountant can simplify the procedure.

The purpose of a HMRC Tax Investigation Accountant is to guarantee that all UK organizations are paying the right measure of Tax, and our aim at Asmat Accountants is to ease any apprehensions you may have with respect to the Investigations. HMRC Investigations can be troublesome, unpleasant and expensive. Should you be the mark of a HMRC Investigation, advising Asmat Accountants to speak to you gives genuine feelings of reassurance, as well as spare you cash. Investigations may sound disturbing, however if you that you utilize Asmat Accountants, we draw on our experience and professional methodology while liaising fully with HMRC and ensuring you are entirely compliant with the majority of their prerequisites, accomplishing fulfilment from all sides.

Asmat and Co have reliably and successfully prevailed with regards to settling all types of HMRC Investigations issues in the interest of our individual and corporate customers.

Running from basic assessment enquiries to complex examinations and voluntary disclosures, we use our skill and act quickly to direct you through the procedure, anchoring the most ideal outcome.

With an accomplished and reputed group of Tax advisors, we can direct you through the procedure of HMRC Tax Investigations through accountants with minimum hassle. Our Tax experts draw on profound experience and industry-particular understanding to convey customers the facts of knowledge and development they have to keep up consistence and drive esteem – whatever their business. Our colleagues have more than 15 years aggregate experience in managing HMRC Investigations.

HMRC Tax Investigation Accountants

HMRC Tax Investigation Accountants


Why am I being investigated?

There are various distinctive reasons why you might be liable to a HMRC charge examination. HMRC isn’t required to unveil the explanation behind an examination yet regular triggers can include:

Consistent errors on your Tax Return – HMRC acknowledges that honest to goodness, one-off errors occur, in any case on the off chance that you are routinely submitting incorrect numbers then this could make HMRC wind up suspicious and want to examine matters further.


Tip-offs – In spite of the fact that HMRC will never admit to a tip-off being the purpose behind an Investigation, it is commonly acknowledged this can be the reason. Basic aggravators for tip-offs may include displeased employees, accomplices or different partners who know about dodgy duty hones, individuals monitoring a trade just approach out your business, or it being clear that you are carrying on with a way of life beyond your declared means.

Repeated Losses – Many organizations, particularly in the initial couple of years, may neglect to turn a benefit. Be that as it may on the off chance that you are constantly submitting tax returns which don’t owe any tax whatsoever, this could incite HMRC to examine your circumstance further.


Inconsistencies year on year – Most businesses will make differing amounts of profit/loss over a time of years, however vast fluctuations could set alerts ringing. In the event that there is a bona fide explanation behind these fluctuating figures, utilize the notes area on your Tax return to clarify this and consequently ease doubt.

Your figures buck Industry Trends – HMRC tends to know by and large how much an organization of your size and in your industry ought to make. So if your figures are either fundamentally higher or lower than this it could raise doubt.

You don’t have an Accountant – By and large not having a Professional Accountant caring for your books can make HMRC wind up suspicious as it might be a marker that you have something to stow away.

Simple Bad Luck – There is a likelihood that you may just be focused for random Tax examination. In spite of the fact that we trust that random tax examinations are for the most part in the minority but they do at present exist and you could essentially be at the mercy of destiny.

What types of investigations are there?

HMRC tax investigation accountants can be of following two types;

  • Full – if HMRC trusts that there are several errors in the tax return then they will lead a full investigation. This will incorporate assessing the majority of your business and additionally director’s financial records. Such an investigation normally take up to 16 months to finish and can cost around £5,000 in Accountant’s Fees.
  • Aspect– HMRC may be worried about a specific part, or parts, of your books. These are regularly led when there is doubt that a certifiable mistake has been made on your tax return. These normally last between 3-6 months, yet can once in a while take longer.

Regardless of whether you are a Sole Trader, a partnership, limited liability Partnership or go about as a trustee, the group at Asmat Accountants can help settle your issues with HMRC investigations. Whatever your necessities, we will do all that we can to meet them, while keeping your immediate contact with HMRC to a minimum.

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